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Ultimate Chew Bars Bundle

Ultimate Chew Bars Bundle

SKU: Sweets
£4.99 Regular Price
£2.00Sale Price

Love Chew Bars, why not purchase one of these today, some taking you as far back to your childhood to some more modern ones like the Tongue Painter Chew Bars. 

You will recieve 275g per serving/quantity.

In this Bundle you can expect the following though subject to be changed due to Limited Stock


Drumstick Chew Bar, Toxic Waste Sour Apple Chew Bar, Toxic Waste Blue Raspberry Chew Bar, Toxic Waste Cherry Chew Bar, Refreshers Original Lemon chew Bar, Tropical Fizz Minion Chew Bar, Wham Original Chew Bar, Stinger Tutti Frutti Chew Bar, Refreshers Sour Apple Chew Bar, Vimto Chew Bar, Wham Extreme Chew Bar, Refreshers Strawberry Chew Bar, Oor Wullie's Iron Brew Chew Bar, Tongue Painter Chew Bar.

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