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Premium 4.5l  Sweet Tub

Premium 4.5l Sweet Tub

SKU: Premium 4.5l Tub

Tub will be filled with higher priced sweets such as dusted teeth, dusted milk bottles, squirrel scented lips, squirrel scented floral gums, flying saucers, ango blubbly bubblegum, sweet tabacco, sugared almonds, bon bons, jelly filled, liquorice and lots more.

Please note... tub is NOT 4.5KG of SWEETS. Average pending on sweets 3kg.

please add notes if you dont wish to have certain flavour in mix, with out buyers notes we cant avoid what isn't your taste buds.

May contain nuts or other allergens, please do not purchase if you have a severe allergy.


Glucose syrup, sugar, modified WHEAT starch, acidifiers, lactic acid, citric acid, malic acid, sodium malate, colourings, E100, E141, E160c. colourings, foodstuff (black carrot juice), natural flavourings, glazing agents, carnauba wax.

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