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Pick & mix 500g

Pick & mix 500g


Chocolate mix may contain:


Chocolate Frogs

Pink porky Pigs

Spinning tops

Fish & chips

pink & White mice

Chocolate Jazzies

Pink Hearts

 ice cream cones

Chocolate Peanuts


Random gummy mix may contain:


bubs banana ovals

bubs banana and caramel

bubs blueberry and raspberry

bubs strawberry and pomegranate

bubs watermelon

bubs egg skulls

giant strawbs

rhubarb and custard

tongue painters

Bubblegum mermaids

jelly filled snails

Pink pandas

cherry wheels

Blue raspberry wheels

Gummy bones

jelly filled skulls

strawberry twist kisses


chicken feet



baby meerkat


giant crocodile

Psycho Mice

giant dinosaurs

Gummy bunnies

giant cola bottles

fried eggs

yellow belly snakes

heart throbs

Gummy teddybears

mini dolphin's

raspberry and blackcurrant bites

terrific turtles

Bubblegum mushrooms

swirly fish


Gummy monkeys

Happy flowers

space mix

giant dolphin

giant spiders

Giant Fish

Gummy Crowns

Pint Pots

Gummy Teeth (mini)


Beach Mix

Fruit Salad

Black Jack

Rhubarb & Custard

Cherry Wheels

Blue Raspberry Wheels

Liquorice Wheels


Fizzy Mix may contain:


bubs lemons and raspberry

bubs fizzy giant skulls

bubs sour octopus

bubs tutti frutti

bubs Bubblegum skulls

bubs giant cola skulls

bubs mini sour skills

bubs bolts

fizzy blue babies

Blue stars

cola bottles

Blue raspberries

peach rings

sour apples

dracula fangs

sour tongues

razzi stars

Bubblegum bottles


Blue rockets


fizzy tongue painters  

fizzy dummies

watermelon slices

fizzy red pencil bites

Fizzy Octopus

Fizzy small Cola Bottles

Tall Fizzy Cola Bottles

Foam Strawberries

Strawberry Dreams

Damel Bricks

Sour Candy Shocks

Fizzy Bubblegum Tonguepainters

Milk Bottles

Cola Bottles

Mini Banana Foams

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